Schuetz Rentals

Schuetz Rentals began in 1978 with the purchase of a few one bedroom homes and has now grown to a total of 39 units. Our inventory now includes 7 single family homes, 10 duplexes and 5 commercial buildings. In 2000, we converted 4 duplexes from ‘unfurnished’ to ‘completely furnished’ and entered the short-term stay market. Our Lee Avenue duplex properties are considered the homiest and most comfortable available in Olney.  Our commercial properties include 205 E Main St, 302 S Kitchell (which are multiple suite office buildings), 1210 E Main St and 1214 E Main St is a warehouse and single office suite.

Keen’s Laundromat

Keen’s Laundromat was purchased in 1981. We have a wide variety of washers and dryers available. The major part of our business is self-service. However, we also do ‘pickup’ and ‘drop-off’ custom laundry services. Laundromat hours are 7:30AM to 10:00PM 7 days a week.